Aufenthalts- und Arbeitsvisum

Problems with residence or work visa.

You live in Austria and you don’t have any exact answers regarding many for you complicated questions about your right of residence and understaffed professions.

he association Privileg offers you pro bono, in cooperation with many experts on this field the best possible solution. Together with our team all those complicated, expensive and often very long legal actions get easy, safe and fast.

Most common questions regarding Austrian residence visa/permit and family reunion:

  • Am I allowed to make an residence visa/permit request during the three months in which I can be there as an tourist?
  • Who can get a residence visa/permit in Austria which also includes the right on employment?
  • Am I allowed to wait for the residence permit in Austria even if takes longer then those three allowed months?
  • How much I need to earn monthly to be able to get my family to live in Austria?
  • What are the general requirements for granting an Austrian permit/visa?
  • How long I need to wait for granting an permit/visa for my family members?
  • Who can get the ’’rot-weiß-rot’’ card?
  • Can I get an permit/visa in the Austrian embassy in my country which allows me to work in Austria?
  • How much does it cost to get the Austrian permit/visa?
  • Do I need to personally take over my permit/visa?
  • Can I add additional documents later in case that they are missing by the request?
  • Do I necessarily need to speak German on the A1 level for getting my first permit/visa?
  • Which family members am I allowed to get to Austria as part of the family reunion

Austrian residence permits – applying and granting the first residence permit/visa.

Where I need to apply and what happens after?

The applications for the residence permits/visas are made in the in the diplomatic representation of the Republic of Austria abroad. The embassy verifies that the formal criteria has been fulfilled and then forwards the application and the documents to the competent residence authority in Austria. If there is no document or any proof for the knowledge of the German language (A1), the embassy request its addition. If he doesn’t fulfill this request the procedure is being stopped. The notification of the issued residence permit is also sent by the embassy in the home country. The person who received it then travels to Austria to personally take over the residence permit (the card). If this does not happen within six months from the notification of the decision, the residence permit loses its validity.

Necessary documents and costs:

  • The period of validity of the passport must in any case exceed the time limit of the residence permit.
  • Personal documents, evidence of fulfillment of the general requirements for the grant and other required documents, must be translated and certified by the court-appointed interpreter.
  • There is an administration fee of total EUR 120,– to be paid, from which EUR 80,— per adult and EUR 50,— per child are to be paid at the application. Additional costs arise because of the verification of identity and processing of the documents.

Who may apply for the first application for an residence permit/visa in Austria?

  • Family members of Austrian citizens, if they are allowed to enter Austria without a visa and have not stayed longer than 90 days within the last 6 months.
  • Parents, for their child which was born in Austria, 6 months after the birth, if their have an valid residence permit for themselves.
  • Highly qualified foreigners may apply for an RWR Card, but only if they are legally staying in Austria ( either without a visa because it is not mandatory, or as an example with an D visa for the job search, which they have got from the Austrian Embassy in their homeland ).