Occupations in demand

How to get a work visa in Austria in 2021? 56 occupations in demand in the entire Austria and 27 occupations in demand in provinces!

As a citizen of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia you can submit a request for the red-white-red card for you to get a work visa in Austria by completing the following steps:

• It’s necessary for your occupation to be on the list of those in demand as well as for your diploma to be accepted by Austria’s competent institutions
• You must already have a work binding contract in Austria and also the company must be ready to pay for your minimal fee that’s stated by law or by the contract
• You need to have at least 55 points by a variety of criteria, explained below.

Criteria for the acceptance of qualified workers

Qualification The maximum number of points: 30
Finished three-year deficit school in the field with the final exam 20
Finished four-year deficit school with the graduation exam 25
Finished at least a three-year faculty with bachelor’s degree 30
Work experience in the field The maximum number of points: 20
Work experience (by year)

Work experience in Austria (by year)



The knowledge of the German language The maximum number of points: 15
Passed A1 exam of German language 5
Passed A2 exam of German language 10
Passed B1 exam of German language 15
The knowledge of the English language The maximum number of points: 10
Passed A2 exam of English language 5
Passed B1 exam of English language 10
Age The maximum number of points: 15
up to 30 years old

up to 40 years old



The minimum number of points: 90 90
The minimum number of points for getting a work visa: 55 55

This is how a preliminary list of occupations in demand looks like in 2021:

1. Constructors of agricultural machinery
2. Mechanical technicians – engineers
3. Electrical technicians-engineers (high current energy)
4. Electrical technicians
5. Information technology engineers
6. Wood scrapers
7. Insulators (bitumen)
8. Metal rodents
9. Welders
10. Mechanical technicians
11. Electricians
12. Technicians of other fields
13. Locksmiths
14. Auto mechanics
15. Roofers
16. Construction carpenters
17. Accountants
18. Concreting worker
19. Pipe installers and assemblers
20. Wheelwrights/Blacksmiths
21. Tinsmiths
22. Locomotive drivers
23. Varnish experts
24. Carpenters
25. Electrical technicians
26. Ceramists
27. Opticians
28. Graduated nurses/medical technicians
28. Graduated nurses/medical technicians
29. Car tinsmiths for car body and cooler
30. Construction workers
31. Toolmakers
32. Machine locksmiths
33. Construction engineers
34. Construction locksmiths
35. Other technicians
36. Traders and sellers of iron and metal goods, machines, household and kitchen appliances
37. Economists for earnings processings – accountants
38. Chefs
39. Carpenters for construction carpentry and furniture
40. Technicians-Engineers of labor organization and industrial management
41. Other mechanics
42. Floor layering technicians (ex. laminate)
43. Plasticians
44. Information technology technicians
45. Woodworkers
46. Construction tinsmiths
47. Technicians of labor organization and industrial management
48. Chemical technicians
49. Engineers/Technicians of electromechanics
50. Medical occupations – technicians
51. Electromechanics
52. Florists
53. Masons
54. Construction technicians
55. Nursing assistants
56. Certified nursing assistants

This is how a preliminary list of occupations in demand for provinces looks like in 2021:

1. Hairdressers

2. Economists and other hotel technicians

3. Traders and sellers of basic life supplies

4. Waiters

5. Painters

6. Accountants

7. Pastry chefs

8. Glaziers

9. Technical draftsmen

10. Forwarder in logistics

11. Cosmeticians

12. Traders and sellers of textile and wardrobe

13. Low construction workers

14. Mechanical device installer

15. Referents of procurement

16. Other occupations in machine processing of metal

17. Butchers

18. Rail traffic controller

19. Metal fitters

20. Upholsterers

21. Machinists

22. Bakers

23. Storekeepers

24. Gardeners

25. Marketing experts

26. Chefs

27. Insurance intermediaries

For issuing a residence permit, the following documents must be submitted:

a) Valid travel document
b) Birth certificate
c) Photograph that cannot be older than half a year (size: 45x35mm)
d) Proof of usual accommodation (for example, lease agreement, pre-agreement, or proof of ownership)
e) Proof of health insurance covering all risks (compulsory insurance or appropriate insurance policy)
f) Proof of insured existence (payslips, salary certificates, employment contracts, insurance certificate, proof of pension, annuity or other insurance, investment capital, or own funds in sufficient quantity)

To examine the individual criteria according to the scoring system (listed above), the following documents must be submitted:

  • 1. Qualification
    Completed school:
    Certificate of completed schooling (certificates and diplomas for three-year or four-year high school)
    Certificate of successful completion of a three-year study at a university or other higher education institution, as well as proof of the status of a university or other higher education institution
  • 2. Work experience
    Certificate of employment
  • 3. Language skills
    Language diploma proving German language skills (Diplomas and certificates of German language can be obtained separately at the following institutes: ÖSD, Goethe-Institut, Telc GmbH, Austrian Integration Fund)
    Language diploma proving English language proficiency (In particular, the following diplomas and certificates are recognized as proof of English language proficiency: Cambridge Certificate, TELC certificate, IELTS diploma, TOEIC diploma, TOEFL diploma.)

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