Want your inheritors to get everything according to your wishes or are you personally the inheritor?

Association “Privileg” is there to assemble the testament and regulate hereditary issues!

No one likes to think of his death. Still responsible people are dealing with this topic on time. Many have property or money here in Austria and would like to regulate their heritage. A lawyer specializing in hereditary rights can take care of assembling your testament and for the official registration of it.

It is also possible that you, as a successor, have problems or doubts.

Lawyers who work with the Association “Privileg” will gladly advise you pro bono.

The most common questions of our members about the testament and inheritance in Austria:

1. How and when should the testament be compiled?

2. Is it necessary to make a testament?

3. Do I need a lawyer to assemble a testament?

4. How can I be sure that my will will be respected after my death?

5. Who has the right to inherit in Austria and under what conditions?

6. Do I have to accept inheritance, even if I inherit debts?

7. What happens if I reject succession?

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