Why was Privileg created?

he association „Privileg“ was created in November of 2017, in order to help you ensure and enforce your rights in Republic of Austria. The navigation of the legal system in Austria can be challenging someone who doesn’t speak the german language. Privileg is counting more than 2.000 satisfied members in its first year!

How was Privileg created and how does it work?

The association Privileg was was established with the united forces of businessmen, lawyers, tax consultants and other experts. Their common goal is to help people who do not have sufficient knowledge of the german language which is  necessary for the navigation of the legal system. In order to solve your legal problems there is a team of 72 lawyers from 8 different law firms, 2 notaries, 3 tax consultant and a team of motivated law students which are at your disposal. Privileg cooperates with case financing firms, different banks and insurance companies.

What services does Privileg offer?

Privileg offers you consulting and legal advice in the following fields:

  • Residence permin
  • Citizenship
  • Criminal law (different crime cases; connection with criminal law consultants)
  • Family law (marriage law, care of kids)
  • Real estate law (reduction of the rent payment)
  • Private debts (legal possibilities)
  • Tax law (reduction of the tax, income tax)
  • Gambling addiction abuse, demanding reparations from the casinos
  • Company foundings
  • Credits with low interest rate
  • Insurance (car insurance with the favourable rates)

Exklusive benefits for Privileg members

Your membership in „Privileg“ is free of charge wit the exception of the processing tax of  €50,00. As a Privileg member you not only have an unlimited number of legal consultants, but also other amenities such as: favourable credit interests, financial support for your rent reduction cases, demand for reparations when it comes to gambling addiction and divorce cases. Being a member of Privileg gets you the best and most favourable insurances, lawyers, notaries and tax consultants.

Problems with residence or work visa.

You live in Austria and you don’t have any exact answers regarding many for you complicated questions about your right of residence and understaffed professions.

he association Privileg offers you pro bono, in cooperation with many experts on this field the best possible solution. Together with our team all those complicated, expensive and often very long legal actions get easy, safe and fast.

You were unfairly fired or You haven’t been paid the full amount which You have earned?

Privileg helps You by an unjustified termination and  Privileg also helps You to receive all the money you earned from the employer.

Some employed foreigners are victims of unlawful dismissals, especially when the employer doesn’t maintain the prescribed notice periods.

Rent reduction Vienna

In Austria 9 out 10 residents pay to much for their rent.

Association “Privileg” organizes for free the review of your rental contract (rent), operating costs, deposit, transfer and the time limit of the lease.

Bankruptcy-What now?

When the burden of debt becomes oppressive and you no longer know how to pay your debts, it is the right time to think about personal bankruptcy.

Have you been driving under the influence of alcohol or too fast?

‚Privileg’ helps you keep your drivers license!

There is no driver who enjoys loosing his drivers license, especially then when he needs it for work. The reasons for the loss of the driver’s license are different: from speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances to dangerous behavior in traffic. If your case is subject to administrative penalty, an experienced lawyer can save your driver’s license. Therefore you need to act fast!

Want your inheritors to get everything according to your wishes or are you personally the inheritor?

Association “Privileg” is there to assemble the testament and regulate hereditary issues!

How is divorce regulated in Austrian law?

In Austria, two types of divorce are known:

  • Consensual divorce,  which is the easier way of divorce, because both spouses want to get divorced.
  • Disputed divorce, which is solved on the basis of the request of one of the spouses in court.